not now

because it always turns to love, it always becomes about pushing through that weariness in my heart.

my little, beaten heart, it will never give up.

when the breath has gone, when my arms are so tired from fighting, when my eyes are sore and my muscles limp from chasing, from longing, from wanting.

my big, bleeding heart, still it will never give up.

so make me wonder, make me question, make me wrestle with my head.

until the day i die.

my enormous, beating heart, will never, never give up.

speaking truths

wishes always come true. i told her. just wish on your heart.

[oh, my heart,
my wishes.]

i watch the bluest sky that meets the bluest sea, blue stretching forever it seems. oh my heart, my wishes. i know life is loving me, so gently, i’m so free.

i need to leave this island.]

my heart is getting too heavy
with a thousand wishes i never wanted to make.

don’t tell me

because talk is cheap. and words are words. and until i know you know me, words are only words.


why can’t your heart ache like mine?
why can’t my ache be your ache and, combine,
to become a wonderful mirage of ecstasy -
if only for a while, if not only in our dreams. 

i allow myself to sit and wonder - if my dreams are like your dreams, or if they ever come close.

or if or if or if…

i’ll fall asleep tonight, excited nonetheless.
because as hard as waking is,
at least i can love a little while in that muddled, beautiful mess
of aching
and heartbreaking. 

as the ecstasy leads the agony and it all rolls into one.  

ocean blue

i walked along the beach this morning.

[i thought about you.]

i didn’t find a space, in all that sand, that someone hadn’t walked before me.

so i stopped stepping in footprints and tried to weave through, creating something of a path of my own.

and maybe one day i’ll leave footprints in the sand of your heart - and one day after that, they might carve the only trail. where the tides of time, or perhaps me, will wash clean the paths of all those loves who walked before.


…take a lesson from me. do your best, hope for the best and love the best things there are in life: the fresh air and sunshine and the trust of a good man.

the daisies in the fields bloom for us all, and the sky is blue above the clouds all the time, for when they roll by it smiles through to us again. and fresh air and sunshine and bird-song are the same all the world over for those who see and hear in their hearts.


phyllis briggs: son of black beauty.
rumanating asked:
How're travels going, Nat? Über jealous of absolutely everything you are posting. But that's not the point I guess - I hope instead that it has been a great source of inspiration and a little soul-satisfying. Happy travels! Matt x

Thank you so much Matt! I am having a ball and finding inspiration in the most unlikely places. Really enjoying myself. Still loving all your pics too! Hope you’re well :) Nat x

blue skies

at 11:11 i spoke to the universe.

at 11:12 i smiled, with my heart, as the universe spoke back.

an interaction just long enough to remind me why i’ll never lose faith in what awaits. why i’ll forever believe in the power and energy that surrounds me. why i am so sure that this life i’m living is perfect and pure. why love has always been and will always be the answer.

25 [part two]

two months have passed in paradise.

two months…

it feels like two hours and two years at the same time. i have done so much, created incredible connections with incredible people. i have fallen in love with everything and everyone and every experience. and i’ve done it all in record time.

i’ve changed.

i’m happy. 

i’m learning, figuring out who i am, who i want to be, and what i want from this glorious adventure, this insane year.

momentous time
of my
momentous life. 

my world has become a flower blossoming with opportunity - so apt for the springtime, so perfect for all the tomorrows and next years and forever and evers. 

so i’m making promises, not plans. finding joy, excitement, passion. feeling, with every sense, this world i wake in and fall asleep in - every day and night.

happiness fills my veins and pumps my heart so open to love and light.

25 [part one]

it’s 4.16am and the roosters are crowing.

i can only guess they’re singing happy birthday to me.

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