out here.

i’m sitting alone, at a place i’ve never been. the absolute point of adventure sundays. and all i want to do is write.

a bird calls nearby.

there’s a sense of freedom about it. an undeniable feeling of being completely aware of everything around me. like it’s pulling me into a different frame of mind. something i didn’t know i wanted or felt or even knew i could feel until now. until this moment.

my tummy is queasy and the skin on my bare legs tingles with the burn of the sun. cooled by the wind, for a second at least. my eyes are sore and i’m horrendously tired but it’s still just me, alone. in a place i’ve never been.

thinking about everything. and thinking about nothing.

this world is so familiar.

my head in the clouds.

i walked alone.


i couldn’t really find a bit inside me to believe where i was. i had to stop and breathe and take it all in. i had to stop to find the pulse of the moment staring me right in the eye. i moved forward, onward, away from the past. i moved into the clouds. walking and running and scuffing my shoes on rocks in all directions. holding myself back as i tried, with all my strength, to stay upright, walking downhill. the steepness burning my knees.

i was watching my feet. watching each step. forgetting that i needed, i wanted, to watch the world too.

i stopped at a lookout. fog blocked my view. and when i stood still, the trees in the distance and the clouds right in front of me came zooming down both sides of my vision. a tunnel of movement, the world coming for me. pulling me in. it was so strange. surreal. intense. 

and when nothing stopped moving and i finally caught my balance, i took a breath, smiled to myself and let out a little chuckle. 

life is so wonderful.

home grown. miranda kerr, the chosen angel.

the victoria’s secret fashion show chosen angel, miranda kerr, in the $2.5 million fantasy bra.

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